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    The Loaves and Fishes Foodbank

  • Sevenoaks Foodbank

    The Loaves and Fishes Foodbank

Coronavirus update:

Coronavirus update:
• Deliveries of food can be accepted in the church hall between 1 – 2pm on Thursdays. Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to leave food in the church at other times, even though the church may be open.
• Families collecting food: please collect between 2 – 3pm on Thursdays.
• Donations of toiletries and washing powder (or liquid) would be appreciated (see the list below)
• NO PASTA donations at the moment, please – we have a pasta mountain!

Here to help and support.

Loaves and Fishes Foodbank

operates from St John’s Church Hall.

It supports up to 40 families with young children by giving them a large bag of non-perishable food every week of the year.  The food is distributed on Thursday afternoons.

Loaves and Fishes Foodbank is an HMRC registered charity – XT36605.  Fr Robin is one of the trustees.

Food is donated by churches of all denominations across the district.  Local schools, other charitable organisations and small businesses also support this project as do many individuals.

We have recently changed our referral process in order to help people out of debt, maximise their income and reduce dependency.  We now only accept referrals from partner agencies who have some knowledge of the financial circumstances of families.  By doing this, families are directed towards other sources of help as well,  such as debt counselling and benefit maximising in addition to the Foodbank.  This is working well, especially with CAB and West Kent Housing.

Other agencies such as schools, churches, health centres, are now asked to signpost families to any one of the partner agencies.

We still provide an emergency basket of food so that no-one is refused help but we do ask the recipient to seek a referral in order to receive on going help if it is required.

Items currently needed are:

Breakfast cereals (but not porridge oats)

Tinned meat for hot meals: especially stewed steak, beef casserole/lamb stew, minced beef & onions, chicken in white sauce

Hot dogs


Tinned vegetables (preferably peas/carrots/green beans/sweetcorn)



Washing capsules or liquid

and also, in order of importance…

Fruit juice (long-life)/fruit squash

Sauces for rice dishes: curry/Sweet & Sour

Tomato ketchup/mayonnaise (but not brown sauce)

Tinned ravioli

Tinned macaroni cheese

Tinned meat for cold meals (eg ham, luncheon meat, corned beef)

Custard (tins or cartons, but not custard powder)

Rice pudding (tinned)

Coffee/hot chocolate



UHT milk

[We have large stocks of baked beans, tinned tomatoes, tinned fruit, tinned soup, jam and honey.  Our storage space is very limited, so instead of these items contributions from the list above would be most welcome, if possible.]

Contact Us (Email only)

If you are attempting a referral please do not send sensitive information about clients. We will contact you back.
If you phone the Clergy House you will be simply referred back to this form.

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