DSC_9716Wedding FAQ
Is there a charge for Weddings?

Yes there is a legal charge which we are obliged to make for a Wedding. This is set by the Church of England and in 2014 was £392. It will increase in other years. It includes the ceremony and certificate and time to prepare for the Wedding. It does not include an organists fee which tends to cost about £100 extra.

I have been married before – can I get married at St John’s.

We realise that these can be difficult and painful situations but we have chosen to follow the traditional norm of not allowing remarriage after divorce when the previous partner is still alive. We are very happy to offer a service of prayer and dedication to people in this situation and Fr Robin will be very happy to guide and help you in this process.

How do I find out if I live in St John’s Parish

Very easy – look hereand pop your postcode in.

Can I have an Owl/Polar Bear/ Gerbil at my Wedding?

Fr Robin will be happy to guide you as to what is best and appropriate at a Wedding. He has a lot of experience at what works and what definitely doesn’t work!

I am a foreign national – can I get married at your Church?

Marriage for foreign nationals is possible but under strict procedures to stop abuses. You will need to meet with Fr Robin who can guide and talk to you and advise you appropriately. He will seek appropriate advice as well.

I live in St John’s Parish and want to get married in another Church. Is this possible?

It is possible if you have one of the qualifying links required. In which case you will need to have your banns read at St John’s.

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