Banns of Marriage are read for couples who are about to be married. They are the system of ensuring that people are free to marry; banns are required for the majority of marriages in the Church of England.

If you live in the ecclesiastical parish of St John’s and are to be married at another Church of England Church, the chances are you will need to have your banns read.

Banns can be read no more than three months before the date of your wedding. They must be read on three Sundays. If no objection is received, a certificate will be issued to be given to the priest who is conducting the wedding.

To have your banns read you will need to make an appointment with Fr. Robin about twelve weeks before your wedding date. You will need to fill out a short form with the details required.  You will also be required to prove residency in the United Kingdom. For the majority of people this done through bringing along a UK passport. If you do not have this document Fr. Robin will guide you as to what else may be appropriate. This will only take about twenty minutes. He will let you know on which Sundays the banns will be read. Once read, you will need to arrange a time to pick up the certificate and pay the fee.

The current cost for banns is:

£28 for the reading

£13 for the certificate

£41 in total.

These monies do not go to the clergy but help to fund the greater work of the Church.

Cheque or bank transfer is the preferred method of payment. Cheques should be made out to ‘St John the Baptist PCC’. Bank transfers may be made instead.

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