Messy Church – God’s Love for us

On Thursday 17th September we held our first Messy Church session for the year. In it we explored God’s love for us through Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son. In series of activities we thought about the story. Coin rubbing allowed us to reflect on the Father allowing the son to have half of his fortune. A mock cocktail bar helped us think about the ‘wild’ time the Prodigal Son had. Pigswill jelly made us reflect on how desperate he must have been to ponder eating the food the pigs he cared for ate and pigs masks helped us remember the pigs he was reduced to caring for. A final collage of a farm covered in balloons, streamers, and party poppers, reminded of us of the Sons return home, and God’s unconditional love for us. We then went into Church to hear the parable more formally told, and to pray together. Afterwards supper consisted of sausages, chips and beans. Over thirty children and toddlers came along. Why not join us for the next session in December?IMG_2022