Letting People Know

Many of you are aware that for the last three years we have been delighted to keep St John’s Church open. This ministry of being open to all who simply want to pray, be still, or light a candle is something we value deeply. It is wonderful to walk in and find candles burning in the evening, or people at prayer. We know that people have discovered St John’s as their Church through this. It has been with heavy hearts that we have closed the building in recent weeks, but in full knowledge that it is the right thing to do. The risk of spreading Covid-19 via doorhandles, holy water stoops, pews, and candles is just too high, and we closed the Church a few days before the Government insisted we do.

Nevertheless we do want people to know that the life of the Church goes on. To that end there is still a daily Mass live-streamed, and available as a recording on facebook. Do please do watch and comment.

We have also had a banner made to tell people this, and let them know they are being prayed for. This went up yesterday and will remain in position till such a time when these arrangement cease.

The banner