Christmas 2020

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Many of you have asked what we are going to be doing at St John’s this Christmas.

As you know with the present infection it would be wrong to try and do our normal family nativity and Christingle with 350 (or more!) of us crammed into the Church at 4pm on Christmas Eve.

To that end we have taken another approach.

‘Let us go to Bethlehem’ is a journey around the darkened Church using projection and multimedia to tell the story of the first Christmas. Individual videos will be available by QR codes allowing children to learn more about each part of this amazing and lifegiving story. The trail will take about 15 minutes to complete, ending at the crib. Please don’t all come at once – it’s open for three hours to allow proper social distance. 

All appropriate Covid safe restrictions will be made (hand sanitiser, social distancing etc) and please wear face coverings if you would normally.

We know this year can’t be quite the same, but please come and join us at St John’s this Christmas.

In addition, our traditional Midnight Mass will be at 11.30pm, in part by candlelight and with wonderful Christmas music. There will be said Masses on Christmas Day at 8am and 9am, and the full Mass of Christmas day at 10am. 

Come and have a full and proper Christmas at St John’s

To you all a very happy and merry Christmas

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