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Lockdown November 20204th November 2020
Dear Brother and Sisters,

The new lockdown will begin at just past midnight tonight, and as I alluded to on Sunday, public worship will be required to cease till December 2nd at least. I have held off writing to you as considerable representations have been made to the Government by Bishops of all Churches, Members of Parliament, and others. Indeed it was hinted in parliament a couple of hours ago, that this may be amended in due course.
I fully realise the impact that lockdown can have on so many of us, and the isolation it can cause. Please be assured that I am always at the end of the telephone and email and available if I can help in any way, or just for a chat and some company. Naturally there are also those in our community who may be struggling for food, either through economic reasons or through isolation. Please let me know and I can endeavour to assist through one of the many channels that exist.
Through this period the Church will open for private prayer. It will be open Mon-Fri from 10.30am -6pm. On Saturday and Sunday this will be later 12noon -6pm.
Mass will continually to be offered daily at 10am and at 11am on Saturday and Sunday. These will be broadcast through Facebook as last time at this link.
This will begin from tomorrow morning. 
There is still more detail arriving as to what we are allowed to do and what we must not. I intend to return to emailing you all on a Friday with greater details about what is happening.
Please care and look out for one another at this difficult time; as so often little things can mean so much.

In the mean time if you have any questions or concerns please be in touch.

Your friend and parish priest


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